PSG Claimant's FAQ

This box is to be used by the store if you take your documents to your lender and have them submit them for you. If you are submitting the claim yourself, you do not need to put anything in this box.

If your submitted claim is approved, you have coverage for up to 6 months of regular benefit payments, if the required continuous documentation is provided as requested by PSG.

If you are still off by the 7th month, an additional lump sum payment of the outstanding balance on your loan for the requested date, to a maximum of $4000.00 total on your claim.

Your claim is closed once the maximum has been reached, if you return to work for an additional 60 days, you can file another claim. We do not pay again for a claim that has already been paid. The PSG claims team reviews all details and dates to determine if a claim is payable.

As we are the insurer, we do not access your account. Please contact the lender for an explanation of how benefit payments are allocated to your loan.

We require an APS to rule out exclusions within your policy, if you have a doctor's note, please submit it for our review. However, the APS provides the most complete information from your doctor. The cost of the APS is your responsibility.

Unfortunately, we do not have text message capabilities at this time, however, you can visit the lender and ask that they submit the claim on your behalf. You may also fax your claim to our office, or send it via postage mail.

Once we have all the necessary information from you (the claimant) and the lender, your claim gets processed within 3 business days (72 hours).

You can send in your claim via email, mail, fax or by taking it to your lender and having them submit it on your behalf.

Payments are your responsibility until your claim is adjudicated and approved. Benefits are paid directly to the lender. If you are looking for reimbursement, please speak to your lender.

Unfortunately, we are the insurer and not the lender, we do not have access to your loan account to make these changes. Please contact your lender.

Yes, we would still accept claims and it will be reviewed.

Unfortunately, parental leave is not covered under the certificate of insurance. However, we do have a Lifetime Milestone claim type that covers the birth of a child.

13. If I return to work but only part-time, how does this impact my claim?

If your claim is approved, we cover your loan payment, your insurance payment, and an additional amount called the “benefit enhancement”.

Any claim benefits that have been approved, are sent directly to your lender to be applied on your loan.

If you are still off work in the 7th month and supporting documentation has been provided to PSG, the principal balance owing on your loan on that date OR $2000, whichever is less, would be paid. The maximum that can be paid on each claim is $4000.

Depending on your loan balance, there may still be money owing after your claim has been closed, as each claim has a maximum of benefits that are payable. Please reach out to your lender to see how your insurance payments were applied to your loan and where your loan is sitting after these payments. Money still owing after the claim is your responsibility.

Unfortunately, we do not cover payday loans.

Typically, once the lender knows your claim has been approved your auto-debit would be suspended, during your active claim. Please contact your lender and speak to the Store Manager, to inquire about your auto-debit during your claim.

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